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How we got our name

As an alumna of the Fulbright Austria program, Dr. Held is passionate about Austro-Germanic culture, which comes with a love for the German language.


"Held" translates to hero in German, and carries rich musical implications. In the operatic world, a "Heldentenor" is a specific voice type called for in Wagner operas, translating back to colloquial English as heroic tenor.


HeldenReeds are named as such, because playing the oboe requires the confidence, bravery, and boldness of a hero.


Quality and Consistency

HeldenReeds are known for offering ease and comfort to the oboist. Each handmade reed is play-tested and sterilized by Dr. Held before shipping, and meets the quality standards below:

Crows a C with highs and lows

Triple knotted

Rested and Readjusted

How does it work?

HeldenReeds offers its clients a monthly subscription service for reeds. The desired amount of reeds will be sent to you at the start of every month. The client pays with Venmo upon receipt of the package.

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